250mg Brownie

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This brownie will literally kick your butt. If edibles are hit and miss for you, try this one. This will be a hit. I advise beginner’s to only eat a tiny bite.. like a quarter of the brownie. I felt like one a lot in the body. If you enjoy the brownie, our cookies come from the same baker.

5 reviews for 250mg Brownie

  1. Summer Hooper

    Most potent brownies I’ve tried and not many edibles get me going!
    A must try!

  2. Randy Vidaurri

    I’m so glad I only ate half. I was out for hours after eating it. The size is perfect and the flavor is great. I loved it.

  3. Jacob Markle

    Took half with my girlfriend before gardening and we have never gotten so much work done hahaha. For sure a go 2 for me now.

  4. Sergio guevara

    Best brownies supper strong

  5. Anthony M

    Super strong while still being moist and tasty, effects come on quickly and strong.

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