500mg Fruity Rice Krispy Treat

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Back better than ever, our Chocolate Krispy Treats are a classic adult play on a childhood favorite. Infused with 500mg of pure THC, you’ll get a real kick out of these scrumptious treats!

2 reviews for 500mg Fruity Rice Krispy Treat

  1. JiggityJay

    woooooWeeeee. this is tasty and to the point. what i did, was used a steak knife to cut this into 10 strips. i personally like about 40-50mg per serving, but that can leave most normal people zonked close to crazy. by cutting them into 10 strips it makes it easy to just eat half that to get a little smiley.

  2. Andrew Herzog

    I ordered this product and didn’t feel any effects. Top cola was great to offer me a replacement and brought it to me within 15 minutes. Although same outcome as the first. Wouldn’t recommend this particular product. Thanks again guys for your great service.

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