Avery Albino Mushrooms

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  • Incredibly Potent
  • Fast-Acting
  • Visual & Body High

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For starters, if you haven’t done mushrooms before, don’t use this as your guide. It’s important to do your own research due to the potency of mushrooms. The high is like nothing you can describe, and it’s not even close to the high of Marijuana, although combining them in my opinion is a great experience. It helps ease you into the high and the comedown of mushrooms. If you are still new to the experience, try a gram or less. That will give you an idea of the potency. Once you pass a gram, the universe (your mind) becomes yours to discover.

2 reviews for Avery Albino Mushrooms

  1. Willie

    Super fast acting and incredible high. I haven’t had shrooms in a while and these bring back so many memories. Get them while you can!

  2. Cal (verified owner)

    These shrooms are very effective. I have not had anything scary or unsettling happen from these mushrooms, definitely a good choice for starters.

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