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What is dry ice kief? It’s a clean process of extracting kief from buds, by literally freezing the trichomes off and allowing it to pass through a micron filter, gathering all the essentials. Makes a great addition to your smoke sesh!

Supercharge your bowl, blunt, or joint with a pinch of kief. Works like a charm.

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4 reviews for Kief

  1. zach

    Got this as an extra awhile ago and finally got around to trying it. Definitely gave an extra kick to my bowls and made the high stronger.

  2. Patrick Haney (verified owner)

    Outstanding !! Smooth but has one hell of a kick!!!

  3. Sergio guevara

    Got this as a gift gotta say it definitely hits u

  4. Sergio guevara

    Got this as a gift hits u good

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