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  • LA Kush x Gorilla Glue
  • Super Pungent Pine/Earth Scent
  • Sedating/Relaxing
  • 34% THC
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I legitimately cancelled my plans for the evening after I laid eyes and nose on this strain, because I was that excited to smoke it! My choice of consumption for the night was a 3g blunt. About halfway through the blunt I was definitely high enough and now it was time to let the effects kick in… I’ve never felt such a strong relief behind my eyes, front of my head. I could see how this would help someone in pain, because eventually my entire body was relaxed, starting in the head working it’s way down. On top of my whole body being relaxed, it completely discombobulated my thoughts. I had no idea what was going on the first 30 minutes of the movie! Overall this is a true 10/10 strain that I would recommend to anyone that wants to get violently high and enjoy a high quality product.

1 review for Exclusive | LA Glue

  1. Patrick HANEY (verified owner)

    It’s pure fire!!

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