Florida Sunrise

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  • Green Crack x TK
  • Sweet/Fruity Scent
  • Heady Sativa
  • Balanced


What sounds better than a sunrise on a florida beach? I’d say a california sunrise if the sun rose over the water on the west coast. Now imagine sitting in your beach chair and reaching into your pocket, only to a pull out a properly rolled joint of Florida Sunrise. It’s the perfect strain for a situation like that because it’s a sativa, so it’ll be a mental high, making you appreciate your surroundings with a smile on your face.

Special Instructions

  • 1g ($10.00)
  • 4g ($40.00)
  • 7g ($70.00)
  • 14g ($120.00)
  • 28g ($240.00)

1 review for Florida Sunrise

  1. Sergio

    This was fire asf try this out

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