Forum Cookies

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  • GSC Pheno
  • Sweet Gas Scent
  • Mellow
  • Chunky Purple Nugs
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Forum Cookies is a slightly different version of the original Girl Scout Cookies strain. This is definitley an indica heavy version of it, paired with a strong scent of sweet gas. This one was given an extra week during the grow, in order for the trichomes to turn an amber hue, resulting in the strain having more indica like affects. This is a nice one to smoke on the couch after a long day, or just chillin’ with the homies. It’ll put you in a nice stoney state of mind.

3 reviews for Forum Cookies

  1. Joe

    Sheesh got me couch locked

  2. Ricardoinses

    Как работает миотокс при проведении ботулинотерапии?
    миотокс или диспорт что лучше отзывы форум .

  3. Servis_jpsa

    Важные аспекты обслуживания Лексуса: с чего начать.
    Сервис Лексус .

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