GMO Crasher

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  • GMO x Wedding Crasher
  • Musky Fuel Scent
  • Sedating/Relaxing
  • Splitting Strains Allowed In Same Price Range
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Ridiculous cross between GMO x Wedding Crasher resulting in a musky potent fuel smell that will guarantee blow you away. This one was a creeper for me. I rolled up a fat joint before movie night, surprisingly burned the whole thing, and it slammed me like a ton of bricks once I realized I had no idea what was happening on the screen. The taste is another unique quality of this strain- the mix of fruit and musk gives it an odd, yet nice taste; especially through joint. Nugs are super dense, chunky and light green assuring you a nice clean tasty smoke!

4 reviews for GMO Crasher

  1. Sergio

    Bomb fruity fresh smell

  2. John

    Excellent nose on this bud. Clean and heavy hitter. Perfect for relaxing at home, or cruising out and about. Top notch indeed!

  3. Caryn Cotner

    Excellent Strain

  4. Caryn Cotner

    Excellent Strain, must give it a try . Nice and relaxing

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