Jet Fuel Runtz (Fresh n’ Sticky)

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  • Jet Fuel x Runtz
  • Pungent Sweet/Earthy Scent
  • Stress Relieving
  • Splitting Strains Allowed in Same Price Range

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It was one of those evenings where the day was long and stressful, and I had been waiting what felt like eons to sit back and light up. I was wondering what I should smoke that night, and it dawned on me we had a fresh batch of Jet Fuel Runtz ready to go. As always, I wanted to give her a test run before she hit the shelves. My first coherent thought after i puffed it a few times was, “wow this is what weed is supposed to feel like”. It was that high that made all my problems melt away. Not sure if it was just the right set of circumstances, or if this is truly a “Stress Relieving” strain, but boy did this one do the trick. Once I was able to stand up and move over to the couch (was laying on the floor previously), i literally sank into the couch with what felt like a bowling ball sitting on my chest and lap. It had me in the perfect zone of comfort with just a pinch of clarity to let my mind go deep.

2 reviews for Jet Fuel Runtz (Fresh n’ Sticky)

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Outstanding in every way! Crystal covered beautiful buds!

  2. Sergio


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