King Louis OG

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  • OG Kush x LA Confidential
  • True Indica
  • Heavy
  • Small Batch Grow
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If you’re an indica lover, you have to try this strain. This is the definition. Nugs absolutely reek just like King Louis himself. This strain lets itself be known the way the people in the 1600s did, by its powerful smell. The difference is this strain smells better than they did! Crossed between two heavy-hitters: OG kush x LA confidential. Meant for relaxation and sleep, making it an ideal night time strain.

3 reviews for King Louis OG

  1. Dalia Amin

    This bud smells fruity and has a nice mellow high. Breaks up pretty nicely and smokes even better. Would definitely recommend trying this strain.

  2. Amanda Madrid

    Ahoneslty such great bud and so worth the prices I honestly think it should be on a higher shelf. A really great indica with actually decent sized bugs for being littles. 11/10 would highly recommend this strain

  3. OT

    Nice hi !!!🤙

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