Kush Mountains

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  • White Walker OG x Blue Flame OG
  • Super Pungent Pine/Earth Scent
  • Hightimes “Best Strain of the Year”
  • 35% THC
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To name a strain after the very mountains it comes from takes confidence. You have to be positive it’s dank enough to represent the entire Kush history. Grown by CBX, they did just that. Kush Mountains is a potent, tasty, and deeply relaxing strain. The look and smell are exactly what you’d expect to get from a strain that was raised in the mountains, a dark green bud with firey pistols, giving off an incredibly pungent kush smell. This strain will guarantee put you in rest and relaxation mode, calming your mind and body. Testing well over 30% THC, you can expect the effects to come on strong.

5 reviews for Kush Mountains

  1. Patrick Haney (verified owner)

    One of the best! Fresh and sticky covered in crystal! Get this before it’s gone!!!!

  2. Amanda Madrid

    I would have to say as a seasoned smoker like myself this strain got
    me beyond baked and has such a nice mellow high with an amazing tasting flavor as well. 15/10 would recommend this strain!!

  3. Sergio

    Bomb stuff super stone

  4. Patrick Haney (verified owner)

    Would rate this 6 stars!

  5. Anthony M

    Wonderful strain great for end of the day absolutely covered in crystal but grinds up well!

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