Lemon Sour Diesel ~ $180oz


  • Sour Diesel x Lemon Skunk
  • Pungent Lemon Diesel Scent
  • Balanced/Calming
  • Splitting Strains Allowed in Same Price Range
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This is about as classic as it gets! For a good reason! The smell of this strain is probably one of the more pungent diesel strain ls you’ll have the chance to smell. Nugs are a beautiful lime green with a nice coating of frost, assuring you this was grown properly. Now the high; balanced and moderately strong. I won’t say this was an over-powering strain, but that’s what I found enjoyable about this one. It was as strong as it needed to be for a nice day time smoke. Got the job done exceedingly well without leaving me in an anxious overly high state of mind. Overall this is a gem for anybody that loves a nice upbeat high!


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