Master Yoda Kush

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  • Yoda OG X Master Kush
  • OG/Vanilla Scent
  • Exotic IndicaStrain
  • Splitting Strains Allowed in Same Price Range

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Do you ever get so high you start noticing sounds you’ve never noticed before? That’s my favorite! Halfway through a joint of this strain I started noticing all the background noises in my favorite show (Seinfeld). I was absolutely mesmerized by all the background noise you can hear when you pay attention. Anyway, to say the least, this is a strong introspective strain. It’s a very nice body high along with a heavy high on the head.. overall it’s a sleeper of a strain. Highly recommend for night time or evening use if you need a good strain to wind you down at the end of the night.

4 reviews for Master Yoda Kush

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Wow seriously strong. Sledgehammer!

  2. Katelyn (verified owner)

    New top 10 strain, it’s a heavy hitter, and won’t disappoint

  3. Pat (verified owner)

    This is so Good, had to get more! One of the strongest herb I have ever smoked!

  4. Sergio

    Fire tates and smells good

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