Modified Zkittles

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  • Zkittles Phenotypes
  • Pine/Diesel Scent
  • Super Relaxing
  • Mind-Numbing


Zkittles, already known as a heavy-hitter, just got that much better. Modified Zkittles comes from taking the best zkittles cuts and crossing them together to make the ultimate phenotype. The result is a super stinky, frosty strain that reminds me much of an OG. The smell is a strong pine scent mixed with a hint of diesel. The effects are classic indica, relaxing and mind-numbing.

Special Instructions

  • 4g ($45.00)
  • 7g ($80.00)
  • 14g ($140.00)
  • 28g ($280.00)

1 review for Modified Zkittles

  1. Caryn Cotner

    Enjoy the high

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