Moon Rocks, 3.5g Jar

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  • Incredibly Heavy
  • Flower,Kief,and Wax
  • $10 Off During Happy Hour
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I will start this off by quoting my friend “Dude, I ripped the moonrocks and next thing I know, I’m waking up at 2am with the lights and TV still on!” These things hit hard! If you aren’t familiar with Moon Rocks, they are weed nugs rolled in kief and wax.. and they do not disappoint. They can be packed in a bong or bowl like normal flower, or even rolled up in a joint with some regular flower. They add a great taste as well as incredible potency. They should last a lot longer than a normal eighth because you can use way less of it, and still get unbelievably high.

1 review for Moon Rocks, 3.5g Jar

  1. Gabrielle

    All I can say is that this stuff is good. If I could type more right now I would but I cant. Goodnight

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