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  • Thunderfuck x Diesel x Matanuska
  • Pungent Diesel Smell
  • Leans Indica
  • Evening Smoke


You ever experience a true pimp slap?? Me neither! But now is your time to try the closest thing to it. After your first hit, you’ll understand why they call it pimpslap. Rather quickly, you are hit with a violent wave of relaxation in your mind and body, which is ironic because that sounds like the opposite of getting slapped. But hey, who said a pimpslap has to hurt. Overall this is a phenomenal indica-leaning strain that i can now say I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Special Instructions

  • 1g ($10.00)
  • 4g ($35.00)
  • 7g ($60.00)
  • 14g ($100.00)
  • 28g ($200.00)


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