Pound Mintz (Fresh n’ Sticky)

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  • London Pound Cake x Kush Mintz
  • Pine/Mint Scent
  • Body High
  • Splitting Strains Allowed in Same Price Range

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Bonkerz cross between London Pound Cake x Kush Mintz. End result is an indica leaning, tasty, stinky, beast of a strain. After cracking this one open, the first thing I noticed was the obvious stank that emitted from the bag. This had me pretty excited to roll one up. Just started a new show, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Turns out, I was right.. great opportunity. The high was very relaxing on my body, and just enough on my mind to let me relax. So overall mostly body high, with a slight mind high. It had me calm, yet left plenty of room for thinking and analyzing. Great indica strain that I look forward to rolling up again, maybe even a little bigger this next time!

3 reviews for Pound Mintz (Fresh n’ Sticky)

  1. Joe

    Best strain on the page

  2. cueski

    agree with best on page..good stuff

  3. Pat (verified owner)

    Outstanding in every way!

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