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  • Gorilla Glue x Whitewalker OG x GSC
  • Sweet Pungent Scent
  • Indica-Dominant
  • Exotic Strain



I’ll be honest, the name of this strain had me puzzled for a minute. Don’t get me wrong, the smell and look are amazing. I guess I’m just picky, but within 3 seconds if hitting this I knew I was toast for the next hour. It hit me in the head instantly and slowly simmered into my body incapacitating me. When things cooled down, I decided I would look into this strain and no wonder it had me toasted. It’s crossed with 3 insane powerhouses.. Whitewalker OG x Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies. Give this one a shot!

Special Instructions

  • 1 ($280.00)
  • 1/2 ($140.00)
  • 1/4 ($80.00)
  • 1/8 ($45.00)


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