Gorilla Doh

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  • Gorilla Glue x Dosidos
  • Pungent Gassy/Glue Scent
  • Relaxing
  • Frosty & Sticky
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I can honestly say this strain blew my mind, in all the best ways possible. I knew it was going to be special the second I opened up the bag and got hit like a freight train by the heavy pungent smell this strain emits. Now once I rolled this one up in a joint, my preferred method of smoking, I like to inhale the joint before I actually light it because you can get a true idea of what the strain has to offer, taste-wise. Once it passed that test, I lit it up and within 5-10 minutes I felt like my mind was truly wandering into each corner of my head. Some may enjoy that feeling, others may not. But for me I enjoy the way weed opens up my head, especially this strain!

1 review for Gorilla Doh

  1. Patrick Haney

    Dank! Highly recommend if you want to Truly relax! Couch lock material!!

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