PR | Liquid Butter

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  • Butter OG x Unknown Indica
  • Strong Pine Scent
  • Dense Nugs
  • Heavy/Relaxing

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This strain really hits it out of the park! Strong smell, dense nugs, flavorful taste, and a potent high. Liquid Butter will have you melting into the couch or your favorite tub of ice cream. Being an extremely potent indica, this strain has powerful muscle-relaxing effects and is great for appetite stimulation. Patients who suffer from pain and anxiety typically have success with this strain, but it’s best to use Liquid Butter when you don’t have a lot to get done.

1 review for PR | Liquid Butter

  1. Patrick Haney (verified owner)

    What a sledgehammer! This herb is the real deal! First hit awesome, second hit massive head rush!! Truly powerful indica!! Thanks !!!!

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