PR | Marathon OG

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  • Pure OG
  • OG Pine Scent
  • Relaxing
  • Euphoric
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I decided I would test this one out, via bong. The first hit had me pretty stoney, just relaxing and heavy on the head. A couple hits later all those affects were amplified significantly. This strain is super lethargic and relaxing in moderate doses, perfect for the evening in my opinion. Or it’s great if you’re looking to just zone out and enjoy the day. This strain is a very potent strain that offers high levels of THC that might overwhelm a novice. When it comes to the smell and flavor of cannabis, Marathon OG lives up to that legacy. This strain hit me right in the chest on my first couple hits, and it only got good from there.

1 review for PR | Marathon OG

  1. Caryn Cotner

    Very good

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