PR | Modified Kush

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  • GMO x Topanga Canyon OG
  • Strong Earthy/OG Scent
  • Relaxing/Sedating
  • Over 30% THC


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If you were to show this strain to someone that hadn’t smoked weed in 20 years, this would scare the crap outta them. Nugs absolutely reek of a funky dank scent, that compliment the deep purple and green shades the dense nugs boast. Nugs are beautiful, and smoke well. The high is great, heavy and relaxing. Exactly what you’d expect from it. The second I opened the bag of Modified Kush that was presented to me I fell in love with it.

3 reviews for PR | Modified Kush

  1. Caryn Cotner

    Awesome high

  2. jake

    got this one on a freebie, this smoke never disappoints! running low too quick with these!

  3. zach

    Definitely one of the more potent strains i’ve picked up from here in the last two months

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