Indica Shake/Small Nugs ~ 32 Gram Oz

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  • Premium Blend


Cannabis consumers that don’t mind the “salad” of cannabis strains will enjoy the surprising blend of terpenes and cannabinoids from our selection of strains. Great for rolling up fat joints, smoking on a budget, or even making your own edibles!

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  • 28g ($60.00)

2 reviews for Indica Shake/Small Nugs ~ 32 Gram Oz

  1. jake

    this stuff lasted me like 3 weeks! i smoke heavy every day and i love this, perfect for someone who’s just trying to blow through some weed and still get crazy faded all day long

  2. Maria

    I really liked this shake and believe anyone would . With a great high and tasty taste. It got me lit day to night and tasted great. Worth the buy it feels like a heavy indica high and I think heavy smokers like myself will like it. Lasted me a cool solid week n half

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