Sauce | Terpee Slurpee

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GMO x Orange Zkittles
Indica Dom sauce that will help you relax and kick back. Can be used to dab or sprinkle on top of bowls/inside joints.

  • 1g ($40.00)
  • 2g ($70.00)
  • 3g ($90.00)


Best known for its super delicious flavor and expansive head high, Terpee Slurpee is a great choice for any classic indica lover who appreciates a great taste, too. The Terpee Slurpee high is just as delicious, starting almost as soon as you exhale with a lifted happy sense. You’ll be filled with a super expansive head high that immediately boosts the spirits and launches your mood to the stars. As your mind expands further and further, a calming effect will wash over you, letting you relax.

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Size (grams)
  • 1g ($40.00)
  • 2g ($70.00)
  • 3g ($90.00)


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