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  • Dosidos x Purple Punch
  • Indica Dom
  • Floral/Grape Scent
  • Very Sedating/Relaxing


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Most strains crossed with Purple Punch are sure to be a strain on the relaxing side because of the high cbd content in purple punch, mixed with the thc, this produces a calming effect. Slurricane crossed between Purple Punch x Dosidos should be the go-to strain for a nice relaxing high that’ll let you sink into the couch. If it wasn’t morning as I’m typing this, I would definitley be lighting up a joint of it right now. I’m selling myself on the strain as I talk about it! Nugs are super frosty, dense, and have a very pleasant floral/grape scent to them.

1 review for Slurricane

  1. Sergio

    This was a gift gotta say fire

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