STIIIZY | Sour Diesel Premium THC Pod


  • Sativa
  • Peppery Flavor
  • Energizing
  • $5 Off Single Grams During Happy Hour
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Sour Diesel is named after its flavor, which boasts sour, gassy, skunky, and hints of citrus, which you’ll immediately detect when you sniff the buds. Upon consumption, the sour flavors find themselves buried under earthy fuel-like flavors, making Sour Diesel one of the most appropriately named cannabis strains of all time.

Many users call it the perfect wake-and-bake weed, as it really gets you going while keeping you relaxed and motivated. Users report how it hits them with an immediate head rush upon consumption that can last for hours, delivering the energizing sensations commonly associated with sativa strains. Clearly, having “diesel” as part of this strain’s name is as much about the weed’s effects as it is about its taste. So if you want a perfect strain for daytime fuel to power through a long to-do list, then Sour D is an excellent choice.


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