T/S | Birthday Cake


  • Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie
  • Earthy/Sweet Scent
  • Relaxing
  • Balanced Indica
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I’m not a huge sweets-guy, so this is the sort of birthday cake I prefer. I can tell you for sure it smells just as delicious and almost sweet like a slice of cake, buds tasting similar. DISCLAIMER: Please do not eat the buds. New school strain that became an instant classic in the indica dom family. Crossed between Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie, you can expect this strain to be on the relaxing side for your body, but stimulating on the mind. It’s a great strain if you want to relax, yet not shut down completely. All around great strain that I’d recommend any one try. No matter what shelf you typically buy, this one will not let you down.


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