Tropical Tangie

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  • Tropicana Cookies x Sour Tangier
  • Purple Sativa
  • Upbeat/Introspective
  • Fruity/Spicy Scent
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I had the pleasure of trying this strain for the first time in Joshua Tree. Rolled up a couple joints for myself, and started walking. I found this is a great sativa for doing some exploring and keeping you energized. I will say after it wore off, I realized I had walked way too far! But that’s a good thing, right? The taste is pleasant, sort of fruity, with an almost all head-high. It’s a great strain if you’re looking to light up during the day and enjoy what’s around you.

1 review for Tropical Tangie

  1. Sergio guevara

    This is fire stuff smelly nfresh

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