True OG Smalls ~ $120oz

(3 customer reviews)


  • OG Kush Pheno
  • Pine/Earthy Scent
  • Relaxing/Mind-Numbing
  • Nice Taste
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Small nugs of classic True OG strain. Indica strain great for night time use.

3 reviews for True OG Smalls ~ $120oz

  1. jake

    these look fire! so happy they bring back the smalls all the time

  2. Maria

    So cranky n stanky it’s bomb easy to smoke moderately harsh. Lasted me the week it’s super tasty.

  3. Dalia Amin

    This was a pretty 🔥 strain for the smalls. I ordered this back to back because it was that good! and had some pretty legit nugs. Even tho they’re “smalls” they’re not that small! It was a pretty potent strain and a nice heavy high. Would definitely recommend!

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