Yoda’s Cookies

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  • Yoda OG x White Wookies
  • Gassy Diesel Scent
  • New & Exotic
  • Splitting Strains Allowed In Same Price Range
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Created right here in Southern California, this is a strain you won’t find anywhere else. Crossed between two stinky legends, Yoda OG x White Wookies. The end result is a stinky, pungent strain that will truly blow you away with its taste and potency. This is one of those strains halfway thru the joint you realize you’re too high to smoke the rest of it. Leaning mostly indica, with a little twist of sativa, you can expect a blanket of full body relaxation paired with a calming mind effect. Which makes this one perfect for a relaxing evening at home.

1 review for Yoda’s Cookies

  1. Sergio

    Fire it’s has some purps dank

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