Oil Tanker

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  • Trophy Wife x Motorbreath
  • Coffee & Pine Scent
  • Cerebral Buzz
  • Splitting Strains Allowed in Same Price Range

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The thought of an oil tanker charging through the sea is such a big, over-powering thought. But don’t let a name like that scare you from this strain. In a way this strain is similar to an oil tanker because the dense buds are blotted with patches of dark purple and shiny white, i guess like the hull of the ship? idk i’m having a hard time tying together the points. But you get what I mean. I smoked this one before a workout and it had me in the right state of mind, focused mind but a relaxed body. High came on quite fast, and quite strong, really giving you that cerebral buzz. Overall if you’re into sativa strains, i think this will be a fun one for you to try out. Although unique, the appearance, smell, structure, and high of this bud will not let you down.

1 review for Oil Tanker

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Dank and smooth. Excellent 👍!

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