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  • GMO x Gelato
  • Pungent Pine Scent
  • Heavy/Hard-Hitting
  • Exotic Indica



Something about this strain reminds me of a tank, WW2 era. I think it’s the super pungent smell that literally attacks you when you open the bag. That, or something about it just screams heavy.. and it sure is. Crossed between GMO x Gelato, it’s the perfect night time strain to help relax you. The taste on this is amazing, a mix of pure gas and also cookies. It’s definitely one you need to try!

Special Instructions

  • 1 ($280.00)
  • 1/2 ($140.00)
  • 1/4 ($80.00)
  • 1/8 ($45.00)

1 review for PR | Garlatto

  1. Kory

    That strong smell about knocked me over, shortly after the high did the deed. Hands down one of my favorites.

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